New Starter

When one of your candidates is starting a new role, making a good first impression will be important to settling in quickly. They might be nervous and unsure on their new employer’s culture and etiquette. Sharing the tips below aligned to the acronym, STARTER, will help any new starter impress their new employer and colleagues in those vital early days and weeks.

Smart – be smartly dressed. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed while settling in to a new business.

Team – get to know the new team. Remember as many names as possible (this can be challenging especially if learning a lot of names at the same time – repeating names when introduced can be helpful). Get to know their likes and dislikes if possible – even simple things like their favourite drink (and how they take their tea!) can make a big difference.

Ask – don’t be afraid to ask questions. As someone new to an organisation, there will be lots of unknowns and it’s much better to ask in order to get something right than not ask and get it wrong!

Rules – find out what the main do’s and don’ts are for the company. If there’s a communal kitchen, what are the general rules in terms of keeping it clean, or keeping food in the fridge. Taking the boss’s sandwich by mistake would be a big no no!

Tactful – be considerate and diplomatic. Raising complaints or joining in office moans is unlikely to be viewed positively.

Early – make sure time keeping is kept to a high level – not just for arriving to the office but to any meetings as well.

Relax – and smile! This will convey a friendly, personable manner as well as helping to project a level of confidence and ability in doing the role without coming across as arrogant.