Why Us?

why us

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Elliot Marsh Headhunting Partners

Elliot Marsh was set up in 2000 and has over 15 years of expertise in running businesses. The business is led by 3 managing partners who between them have over 45 years entrepreneurial experience.

We believe in delivering first class service for our partners, and as a partner we are committed to providing you with all the tools you need to both set your business up successfully, and progress to growing it in the longer term if that’s what you desire. We take all the hard work out of your hands to enable you to focus on your clients – and as part of a wider network of partners, we can even help with referrals!

But we only get involved as much as you want us to be – this is your business, you own 100% of the shares and can grow it as much or as little as you like, working whatever hours suit your lifestyle. Ultimately, if you ever want to sell it, any sale proceeds are 100% yours.

What’s more, with Elliot Marsh Headhunting Partners, you get the advantage of being part of a bigger group and the buying power that can entail for supplier negotiations and discounts.

Run your own business

We’ll invest in you and support you to leverage and grow your existing network of contacts to build your own successful headhunting business. Call us or e-mail to info@headhuntingpartners.com