Is It For Me?

Is Headhunting For Me?

Understandably, you may wonder if this is the right career for you especially if you have never done recruitment or headhunting before. If you’ve been in a specific market or industry for a number of years, and have built up a good network of contacts, this is definitely a good potential opportunity for you. We’ll show you how to turn that network of contacts and your market expertise into earning power.

But there may also be other reasons why this might be the right fit for you. So to help you decide, take a look at the questions below and if you think you can answer yes to some (or all!) of them, then give us a call. We’d love to have a no obligation and honest discussion with you to identify whether this is the right career opportunity for you.

Have you got experience in a specific industry?

If you have 10 or more years’ experience working in a specific market, you are going to know your stuff! Why not turn your market knowledge and the credible reputation you have built up to your advantage through delivering expert and professional solutions that your network of contacts are looking for?


Have you got a wide network of contacts?

We’ll show you how to turn the network of contacts that you’ve acquired over many years in to both candidates and clients from scratch.

Coupled with your market expertise, it won’t be long before you are running a highly successful and profitable headhunting business.

Been made redundant or looking for a career change?

If you’ve recently been made redundant or have decided you need to take a different career path, this could be a great opportunity for you.

We know you won’t have any recruitment experience, but we do all of the hard work for you including in depth training so that although this may be a complete career change, you can still start earning money as soon as possible.


Are you a self-motivated, people person?

This could definitely be the right opportunity for you! Running your own headhunting business requires good communication and great people skills.

So if you’re self-motivated, with our support, you have a fantastic chance to become a really successful headhunter with no limit on how much you could earn!

Do you have any sales or marketing skills?

If you have experience of sales such as business development or account management, then running your own headhunting business should be a piece of cake!

Marketing skills will also help make your business a success, but don’t worry if you don’t have either – we’ll help and support you every step of the way to develop the right skills for your business.


Ever wanted to run your business and be the boss?

Well now you can but without the fear factor of going it alone! You will still own 100% of your business to grow as much or as little as you like and even sell in the future with all proceeds going in to your pocket.

You can work whenever and wherever it suits you with no targets set by us.

How does headhunting work?

Headhunting works by charging a fee for sourcing and introducing a candidate to a business and businesses will pay top fees for finding the top talent in their industry.

How much could I earn?

You can earn upwards of £100,000 a year by placing the right candidate in the right job and we’ll show you how to do it. Call us today on 0207 043 4647 to find out how you can get started.

How can I start earning?

By contacting your contacts! We’ll show you how and provide you with in-depth training on what to say and how to start making money straight away. Call us today to find out how.

What do we offer you?

We provide the set-up, training and support to enable you to start up your own business but more importantly show you how to turn your network of contacts and expertise into cash.

We invest significant time and money to set you up with your own headhunting business and only ask you to make a nominal contribution to prove your commitment, so we want to make sure this is the right opportunity for both of us.

And we offer a money back guarantee! We’ll refund your contribution less training costs if this doesn’t feel right for you after you’ve been on the training course.

Earn £100k + per year

We’ll invest in you and support you to leverage and grow your existing network of contacts to build your own successful headhunting business. Call us or e-mail to