Why Headhunting?

Headhunting is perceived as a much higher value service and clients treat headhunters differently from a standard recruiter. Recruitment agencies tend to be treated as though they are providing a commodity but we know this isn’t the case. Finding a genuinely great candidate who can meet the requirements of the job as well as fit the unique culture and personalities involved in each different client is not an easy task.

And it tends to be something recruiters are either talented at, or not. If you have a genuine talent for matching the right candidates with the right clients then this should be truly valued and appreciated by yourclients. We all know how great it feels when a client starts to trust our advice and genuinely consult with us on projects.

Being branded as a headhunter provides a better perception of the services you are offering enabling a more consultative relationship with your clients and as a result, becomea truly valued advisor to their business. This leads to invitations to work on more senior level roles, commanding higher fees and working on a retained basis which enables up-front payments and more billings for you for the same amount of effort.

Recruitment is stressful, expensive and time-consuming for clients and they really value and are happy to pay for a headhunter who will deliver the best person for a role every time.

Our reputation for high quality headhunting services and the training we can give can help you to do exactly the same.

Earn £100k + per year

We’ll invest in you and support you to leverage and grow your existing network of contacts to build your own successful headhunting business. Call us or e-mail to info@headhuntingpartners.com